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Our Projects

At present, we are slated  for beginning the POC in certain locations in Ghana bringing in Broadband connecitivity. All technology is in place, equipment, and ISP. For a proposal please contact one of our Directors listed.

Dish Antenna

Phase 1

Broadband Connectivity

Rekobot RGV is facilitating in bringing both land based and satellite broadband technologies for
Raycom to implement as a strategy for fast, affordable and accessible Internet to both urban
and rural areas for businesses, individuals Government and Institutional clients. Beyond
general broadband use, the project will enable the platform verticals of education, banking /
fintech, telemedicine, disaster recovery and others to be setup.
FIRST phase involves completing pilot projects for the land-based fibre coupled to repeater
using existing infrastructures and the proprietary Curvalux technology (
Curvalux has a specific next generation long range fixed wireless broadband technology. It is
ideally adaptable for the first phase in the broadband expansion in Ghana.
Curvalux’s phased array multibeam system, designed specifically for operators and ISPs to
provide highest fixed wireless broadband capacity for the last mile, rural and urban
In addition to the Curvalux pilot, an antenna to satellite project is being configured and tested.
Both these technologies can be energy self sufficient and grid independent using solar power
panel / battery attachments. As little as 2 watts is sufficient for operational purposes. The
frequent power outage and power rationing has been a major challenge facing the Internet
industry in Ghana. Internet services have experienced frequent, significant disruptions due to
electrical grid unreliability.
SECOND phase comprises the expansion and market share growth of more land and satellite
locations will be implemented over a period of 1 1/2 to 2 years. A VSAT array with base to
satellite will be established.
(A very small aperture terminal (VSAT) is a small-sized earth station used in the
transmit/receive of data, voice and video signals over a satellite communication network,
excluding broadcast television.).


Phase 2


THIRD phase is the rollout to a dedicated Satellite capable of country wide coverages.
FOURTH phase is building out the comprehensive business models of the chosen vertical
platforms in education, banking / fintech, disaster recovery, telemedicine and others.

Projects: Projects
Electronic Circuit

The digital hub at the center and what it can provide:

  • Help with farm diversification

  • Provide e-service access and assistance

  • Promote improvement of broadband infrastructure

  • Support disadvantaged/underprivileged persons

  • Fostering community development

  • Fostering business development Start-up, SMEs, and freelancer support

  • Contact to other initiatives related to digital innovations and stakeholders

  • Attract new businesses/residents/visitors

  • Improvement of digital skills

  • Meeting and networking space

  • Deliver Internet Access

Interested in learning more about our services?

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